Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello Out There

Well hello strangers :) Its been awhile eh?

As much as Id love to pop in here and say how great Ive maintained my loss, and I am in the best shape of my life.....its actually the opposite. I have sadly gained back all the weight and than some. It is what is I suppose. Ive been thinking about starting the blogging up again to just hold myself accountable! I did it before and I can do it again, hopefully for the last time! Hope to reconnect with some of you in the process :)

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nothing to new and exciting...

Its been quite awhile since my last blog, so thought I should pop in. Nothing to new and exciting going on. Ive been having some health problems with my thyroid. Im in between doctors right now, and pretty much out of meds. So things are not going to well physically with me. But Im hanging in there till my appt, which is still 3o days away. Ugh.

Beck and I have been meeting up 3 times a week to go running, and let me tell you it is pretty great. Best motivation you will find :) . I can see such an improvement with each run. And we can actually hold a convo and run now, something I thought was impossible the first few times we ran. lol

Stress is at an al ltime high with the recent events in the auto industry. My company has began the process of eliminating positions, and the schedules for shut downs is pretty intense. We are shut down all this week, the week of Christmas, and than another week within the first 3 weeks of December. Some of our plants are closed from December 15th to January 5th. Its intense. Im just hanging in there and thankful every day that I still have a job. Its going to get worse before it gets better. But its out of my control, so Im trying to keep the worrying at bay...but its not that easy.

But happy things have been happening to, non healthwise related. A coworker of mine won front row Coldplay tickets! So I got to go :) How awesome is that? It felt like a dream. I swear Chris Martin sweated on me. :p And than last week I got to meet Newton Faulkner, and tell him personally how much I adored him. Grant proposed to me at his concert this past April so I got to share that with him to. He thought that was pretty cool :)

The weight is slowly creeping up, and I know its from not being on any thyroid meds. Ive been here before. Its not like Im not working out. So Im trying to stay focused on my eating, and keep at the runs. Its all I can do for now. Those two defintely will aid in keeping the depression low to. With the holidays upon me, and having limited family around its going to be difficult. But I refuse to let this get the best of me. Im stronger than that.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Inspired? Most defintely!

So I think Im coming down with a sinus infection, and Im pretty sure I may have caught it from a coworker. I catch sinus infections way to easy. So yesterday I could feel the head cold, and the sneezing was out of control. And today I had the achey feeling in my body, and was freezing all day. So I decided to just take it easy when I got home tonight.

Curled up in my chair with a blanket, dog in lap, and decided to watch Spirit of the Marathon. This is a documentary on a six different people and their experience on training and running the Chicago marathon. It was only in theaters for a few nights earlier this year, and I missed it. So have waited a long 9 months for this to hit DVD. I think right now is a great time to get inspired by a running documentary.

Ive seen a few running documentaries and they usually lose my interest 20 minutes in. But my eyes were glued to the screen through this whole film. It was better than I expected! I felt like I knew these people, and they all were so different. There were two elite athletes, Deena Caster (Olympic bronze medalist) and Kenyan Daniel Njenga. Than there was some first timers, a single mom (with an adorable supportive daughter!), and a 27 year old woman that was running for charity. There was also a husband/wife team that have run many marathons together, and were hoping to qualify for the Boston in this one. My favorite people in the movie was a 60 something father running with his daughter. This man was a inspiration to us all! Everyone was so easy to relate to, there was something in each of them that I could see in myself. They also showed these old clips of the different marathons from the beginning to now, and told the history of the marathon. That was really cool :)

The documentary followed them through their training, so it was interesting to see the different styles of training. And it followed them through the health expo, picking up their race packets, and preparing the night before a race. Its funny to see the different rituals runners go through before a race day :) When it got to the point where it was race day, they followed them through the race. It was so intense and emotional for me. From how hard those elite runners really work, to the first timers just trying to get to the finish line. It reminded me of my own first half marathon (I know only half right?) I ran earlier this year. I can remember every mile, what I was thinking, how I felt....and how I was such an emotional wreck the last mile! As tears rolled down my face, Grant says...did you like it? I said, I LOVED IT!!!

I think both runners and non runners could enjoy this film. I know its definitely re-inspired me :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Losing Focus or Refocusing?

So its been exactly a month since I posted the entry, Ive Become That Girl. I feel like such a phony. I sure can talk the talk, but cant walk the walk. Seriously. I weigh exactly the same as I did when I posted that blog. I guess its time to ask myself why? What am I doing? What am I not doing? Im in denial. I think Im doing things right, but in reality Im not. Sure Im doing better than I was, and not gaining anymore weight. But thats not enough. Doing the minimum just isnt going to cut it. The scale and the way my clothes fit definitely are telling me that!

So am I losing focus again? Or am I ready to just adjust. Refocus and keep at it. I would like to think Ill refocus. I lose focus way to much, and need to put a stop to that. I feel like Ive blogged this before. One to many times actually.

So in attempt to refocus, I planned out weeks of workouts. I did end up signing up with Jazzercise, so now that I put money down Ill definitely be going there a few times a week. And looks like Ill have a running partner soon, which makes me nervous, but happy at the same time :) Im still debating on the step class. It starts the first week of November. If I can get a good deal I may sign up. Hopefully doing things that are fun, or meeting people to hold me accountable will give me that boost I need. Because clearly Im not able to do it with the way Im doing things!

Races always have motivated me I think Ill look up some races to run. And Im asking my blog readers to give me some tough love. I think I need it. Time to put on the big girl pants, and stop whining! I will post progress pictures next month because there WILL BE progress!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tag, Im it!

So I got tagged by Andrew (which I just learned Roder's real name by this tag game). What kind of tag do you ask? Well tag where I have to tell you 6 random facts or interesting things about myself.

I was tagged sometime last year, so lets make sure I don't give the same random 6 facts ;)

1. I have been held up by gun point twice in my life. I think that's one to many times! Once at a rave in really ghetto part of Detroit (I probably deserved it), and than when I was visiting a friend in Dallas. Friends I met online actually. LOL And we got robbed in the first hour of meeting each other. Bad luck? Maybe not. We helped put that guy in jail. He was known as the one eyed bandit, and was robbing people from Northern Dallas to Southern Dallas for 6 months! Everything happens for a reason ;)

2. I've always wanted to be an athlete. I played every single sport known in highschool, and sucked at every single one. I was the one the moms yelled at because I should have been benched. Damn sports moms. lol When I ran my half earlier this year, I finally felt like an athlete :)

3. I dont own one piece of makeup. Never have. I dont know how to apply it, and if I tried Id probably look like a clown. I guess my freckles are my makeup, theres enough of them! Although when I was about 13 I did try to steal a blush brush (is that what its called? that big fluffy brush? ), so I would look cool in front of my friends. I so got caught.

4. I have been going to school off and on since 1998 trying to finish my bachelors. Im probably only at a sophomore level. And wonder if I'll ever finish it. Its quite embarrassing actually. Especially when I practically can go for free. (Indian Tuition Waiver)

5. Heres a good one. I pretty much invented Bananas in Pajamas. You know the cartoon guys? I use to have these really bad dreams about them when I was a kid. They would chase me while wearing these crazy pjs. Wouldnt you know years later when I was in high school, that nightmare become reality. So my oh so great friends bought me the doll for Christmas.

6. One of my guilty pleasures is sending people cards. Im that person who goes into Hallmark and spends hours and hours picking out cards. I have a card organizer and have cards for every single occasion. Finding the perfect card is so satisfying :)